Mission Statement

Educating and providing our industry and clients with innovative GREEN MATERIAL, is our main aim, mission and environmental commitment.

We have undertaken to supply and install waterproofing technology that is environmentally friendly and SABS approved. We confirm our commitment to minimize any negative impact on the environment.

All our products can be applied via a spray, brush or roller system, which is effective in the elimination of wastage, spills or any situation, which would cause any kind of environmental damage that would need to be rehabilitated or chemically cleaned.

Our products are all cold formulated, thus reducing the need for standard industry gasdriven torchon emissions and the related  that arise hazards thereof.  Now, MasterSeal waterproofing technology is readily available for builders, contractors, architects, engineers and all our private clients.

Our materials are all environmentally friendly as they are water based, odorless and non-toxic.  Certain of our products carry insulation benefits that will allow the end user to contribute to a reduction in their carbon footprint, because of our product insulation properties.

Our mission is to strive at all times to be conscious of our role in the environment in which we work and to seek out sustainable environmentally friendly solutions in all aspects of our business.